About Us

Extending a helping hand for rejuvenation of society!

About Us

Propkaar is the brain child of Neil Verma, who has been closely associated with several NGOs in Delhi.

Working with them, he found that many times the NGOs have specific requirements like books for children in grade 2, cricket sets or shoes for 10-year old girls which are not easily fulfilled as they have no means of identifying donors who can meet these requirements.

Therefore, to bridge this gap, he decided to develop a platform to connect the NGOs with suitable donors and vice versa.

Neil has also been working with the NGOs to understand the profile of the undeveloped people whom these NGOs cater to. While a 'Children’s NGO' may require sports goods like footballs, a NGO looking after elderly people may require food grains or medicine.

You may contact mail at: neil@propkaar.com

There are many ways in which you can help. Some examples have been listed below:


Help by donating any extra clothes you have at home


Help educate society by donating books and stationery


Help by donating medicines or arranging medical camps


Help by donating books, stationery or spending free time to teach classes