How It Works

Extending a helping hand for rejuvenation of society!

Propkaar aims to:

(a) Connect the donors who have spare items to give away with the NGOs requiring them.

(b) Connect the NGOs who require certain items with suitable donors who can provide these to them.

The NGOs upon signing in, will be able to:

(a) Post their requirements which shall be visible to the prospective donors. The donors can then contact the NGOs and offer to supply these items.

(b) View the list of items posted by the donors. They can then offer to take these items from the donors.

The Donors upon signing in, will be able to:

(a) Post the items available with them, which shall be visible to the NGOs. The NGOs can then offer to take these items.

(b) View the posted requirements of various NGOs. They can then offer to supply these items to the NGOs.


1. Propkaar does not handle the logistics or movement or tracking of goods. The NGOs and the donors can work this out between themselves.

2. Our site just connects the NGOs with the Donors who can fulfill their requirements.

3. The connection between the NGOs and the Donors is complete, as for as our site is concerned, once the requirements get matched. They can view the contact details (name, email and phone) of each other and then establish contact directly to work out the logistics and details.

There are many ways in which you can help. Some examples have been listed below:


Help by donating any extra clothes you have at home


Help educate society by donating books and stationery


Help by donating medicines or arranging medical camps


Help by donating books, stationery or spending free time to teach classes