NayaPrayas (http://www.nayaprayas.com/) is a non-governmental, non-profit, charitable trust set up with the objective of reaching out to children left on the streets to fend for themselves while their parents go out to work. It was established in May 2003 under the shade of a tree in a public park with seven students. Since then, it has touched the lives of hundreds of children who belong to the floating population of daily wage earners who keep moving from place to place in search of occupation.


Neil has been volunteering at our NGO since 2017 spending time to teach children of age group 5-6 years old. He taught basic Math and English. Neil again contacted us in June 2018, and we assigned him the task of creating a database of all the students enrolled at our schools. Neil not only had the adequate skills to do the job, but also was also meticulous in his efforts. He met more than 130 children individually and took down their details, including name, age, class, school, parents’ name, parents’ occupation, hobby, and ID photo. What I found especially admirable was that throughout the cumbersome process, he kept a cordial temperament and even enquired students on their hobbies and aspirations. This was refreshing as so far, we had only concentrated the fundamental requirements, but with his research we were able to come across ideas that may further motivate and encourage the students to dream about a better future. In December 2018, Neil got back in touch with us to pitch an idea of creating a platform to connect NGOs like us with suitable donors who would be willing to help our cause. Though I was skeptical initially, I am glad to see that his initiative has achieved quite a bit of success. Thanks to his efforts, we have been contacted by a few generous donors who have been kind enough to supply the necessary items that allow our organization to continue its mission. We wish him the best for a bright future.

There are many ways in which you can help. Some examples have been listed below:


Help by donating any extra clothes you have at home


Help educate society by donating books and stationery


Help by donating medicines or arranging medical camps


Help by donating books, stationery or spending free time to teach classes