“Spread A Smile India” (https://www.facebook.com/SpreadASmileIndia/ ) works towards the overall improvement of one of the most vulnerable sections of our society; the destitute children that live on the streets and beg at traffic lights. Started in 2005 with ten children, Spread A Smile currently works with approximately 250 children. Born and raised on the streets, these kids are faced with daunting challenges, such as their tendency to lean towards violence and vices such as alcohol, smoking and gambling. Parents that are unwilling to send their children to school are counselled regularly to allow these children a chance for a better tomorrow.

Spread A Smile India has successfully enrolled over 259 children in mainstream schools through interfacing between the school administration and the families of the children to facilitate the admissions of these children. It may be prudent to point out that 95% of the children that are now attending the schools are all choosing not to beg any longer and making better choices. By organising regular health camps, elementary education, excursion trips, vocational training, sanitation and social awareness programs, Spread a Smile India aims to equip these children with the means they require for a healthy and secure future. Spread A Smile India also works with the parents of these children and engages with the parents through counselling sessions.


Congratulations to Neil on this wonderful initiative. Propkaar.com is a great meeting ground for NGOs and donors. Spread A Smile has greatly benefitted by this program as our requirements for books and stationery was met by a few of the donors. We have also contacted another donor who has been kind enough to donate water bottles for the children being looked after us.
We hope that he continues his efforts and brings a smile to the economically weaker section of our society.

There are many ways in which you can help. Some examples have been listed below:


Help by donating any extra clothes you have at home


Help educate society by donating books and stationery


Help by donating medicines or arranging medical camps


Help by donating books, stationery or spending free time to teach classes